AcuHand™ improves Osteotomy preparation in implant placement procedures. With AcuHand™ it is now possible to completely control precise angulations of bone drilling for the most favorable implant position.

According to Dr. George E. Anastasov, MD, DDS, who took over the legendary Dr. Leonard Linkow’s practice is an Assistant Clinical Professor, Maxillofacial Surgery, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, U.S.A., and an Associate Visiting Professor, Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery, Medical School, University of Muenster, Germany:

"The ultimate goal in dental implantology is the provision of an aesthetic, functional and long-lasting restoration of the missing dentition. The treatment plan should bear in mind from the beginning the final restorative design. It is paramount that there is optimal parallelism of the fixtures for optimal success of the restoration due to equal stress distribution. In modern implantology however, it is sometimes difficult to achieve perfect parallelism during insertion of the endoosseous implants. This may be due to osseous anatomy, osteotome design, drilling instrumentation, patient position or surgeon’s technique. Even though computer aided stents can be designed preoperatively sometimes deviations from predicted osteotomies may result. Therefore, The AcuHand digital technology revolutionizes the current methods for precision insertion of dental implants and provides for an absolute parallelism, which is critical for the final restoration."